We can have you on Page 1
in just 2 days...

...for what ever your product, service or area

Pay per click advertising is the most powerful, affordable, controllable and effective promotional activity in existence, if you are not on page one or two of google then don't bother plus remember if you are not there some one else will be!

How much is being on Page One worth to YOUR business?

Top 10 Reasons to be on Page 1 of Google

  • Generate more enquiries & sales
  • Increase the amount of website visitors
  • Use to promote / launch or trial a new product
  • Build your brand awareness
  • More sales on online shop
  • Use to shift old stock to generate cash
  • Target and try out new markets
  • Ideal way to trial the global market place
  • Increase your customer base
  • Because it feels good to be seen as a leader

The next step...


Email me your telephone number and I will call you for a chat on creating a campaign for your business or just email me with any questions you may have about having your own pay per click adwords campaign. ann@trppc.co.uk



87% of people search online for services or products they require - these days ...don't you?

Will your business be found?

How it works


I ask you a series of pertinent questions based on your goals, from this information and some research on your product, market and competitors I create the adwords campaign based around the chosen search term, adding negative keywords, slang terms, miss spellings, synonyms and competitors names.

I then produce a series of ads which open up the website or landing page you want your prospect to see. Watch video below for more info.

The campaign is tested and launched and I continue to maintain the ads in the highest possible position for the budget you have set.

I provide you with reports on the effectiveness of main keywords and set out to keep you in a high ranking position and reduce your cost per click using “tricks of the trade”

We can add more keyword phrases and adapt the direction of the campaign in accordance with your marketing strategy.

How long does it take to get me onto page one?


From our initial conversation to getting the link active usually takes two days with preps & research. A same day service is available at extra cost.

Google hotspots


It's Not just for the "Big Boys"


Many shops and businesses think "Only businesses with lots of money to spend or big brand names can afford to be on Google" - WRONG, Your business can be on page one of Google for as little as £195.00 - How much could that be worth to your business?

Introductory Offer:


Only £195.00 ex vat for your shop, product or business to be on page one of Google ...Great for start-ups

We are giving you the opportunity to work with one of the North West's leading Adwords consultants on a subsidized basis, so that you can trial being on Page one of Google.

(If it brings in more money than it costs it is a No Brainer as there are lots of other excellent reasons to be on Google)



£50 VoucherYou will receive a £50 Google Adwords voucher which will give you your first £50 pounds worth of clicks FREE with your Total Recall campaign

– See download box.

NO RISK - Full money back Guarantee


If for any reason we do not achieve a first page position for you, you receive all your money back- NO Quibble, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain...

...It Really Works!

One of our recent clients (whilst using the Offer & Free Voucher) called me and asked me to pause the campaign because he was getting too much work and couldn't cope. He wanted to take on more staff and vans to cater for the New business he won through being found on Google.

Another client (whilst using the offer & Free voucher) won a tender for £17,000 to clean exterior cladding on a North East Food factory, what an amazing return on his £195.00 investment.

Why use Total Recall?


Lots of people can say they will help you with online marketing but this is just an extra service to them they make their money on creating websites or brochures etc, but we specialise in Adwords and will dedicate the time and effort needed not just to get you where you want but to keep you there, to get you as high as possible for as little as possible.


I look forward to hearing from you, call me anytime.

Kind regards

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Ann Forde-Johnston
Lead Generator
T. 01704 500 667

P.S. Remember "The Click" is just the beginning, it is what they see that converts into business, we can help improve your website to make you campaign more successful in converting into new clients or sales, just call or email for details...

P.P.S. We also produce Mobile Friendly websites, so if your existing website is hard to read on a mobile phone call us for a price to have it converted...make it easy for them to Buy from you.

If you are still not convinced this is an excellent investment then here are even more reasons why pay per click advertising is the bee's knee's…

  • Target the customers you desire
  • Can be localised or global, it’s up to you
  • You are 100% in control on the budget
  • The results are measurable
  • The results are fast, I can have you on page one within a few days unlike seo which can take months
  • Its’ scaleable up and down depending on your aspirations and budget
  • Customers come to you they are Hot leads
  • Its 24/7/365 or you can control when you are seen day, evenings, weekends, week days only…

Phew isn’t it amazing… contact me to discuss setting up a campaign for your business ann@trppc.co.uk or 01704 500667